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WB Legal is an international law firm with offices across Australia and China. Our philosophy is to take a fresh approach, bringing the law to life through our passion for the law. Our outcome-based approach aims to deliver cost certainty, transparency and risk management.

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WB Legal is a leading international law firm in Australia and China. We employ the best legal professionals in various locations across Australia and China with our head offices in Sydney and Shanghai. WB Legal’s mission is to give people easier access to top tier legal services. The firm provides specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas.

02. Legal Costs

At WB Legal we are all about trust and honesty. With our fees we are all about providing transparency which is why we explain below how your fees are calculated, the likely costs involved to prepare and run your case, any additional costs that may be incurred and any costs that may be recoverable from, or payable by you to the other party.

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A lot of people do not at first understand their legal situation and therefore are left clueless as to what should be the next step. At WB Legal we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make an informed decision of their legal situation regardless of their background.

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When we choose our lawyers, we take into account both their experience and ability to handle cases.

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